Birthday service You can reserve a birthday cake to celebrate. With candles, 1260 yen (for 1-2 people), 1890 yen (for 3 people), 2520 yen (for 4 people), 3150 yen (for 5 people). * Please contact us for the size of other cakes. It can be used for a week, including birthdays. Please make a reservation at least one week before use. * The previous Birthday service has ended. please note that.

● Rainy day service On rainy days, the points for eating and drinking at the cafe (1 point for 1000 yen) will be doubled.

● Towel service For those with small children, there is a towel service for hand towels in addition to hand towels. Wipe your mouth and hands before use.

[Rules in the store]

All seats are non-smoking so that you can enjoy the aroma of the food . We appreciate your understanding and cooperation. Please refrain from bringing in food and drinks.
There are 2 seats for 4 people and 6 seats for 2 people, but we will give priority to customers who come to the table with 4 people or more. Please avoid acts that may disturb other customers and cooperate in creating a comfortable store.