Best Vegan Burger Restaurants In The World

Vegan Burger

Some might think burgers are only better if any non-veg ingredients are included, and vegans are missing it altogether. But that’s not the case. There are vegan burger restaurants in the world that are very popular more than non-vegetarian burgers.   These burgers are not healthy enough for us but are genuinely comforting sources of protein that can be had as a snack or add-on for the ultimate American breakfast in major cities catering to ex-pats like in Bangkok.

Spiral Diner

Spiral Diner is a restaurant with three branches located in Texas and the US, first opened in 2002. The Diner and Bakery is the real testament to its success, including Chipotle Mayo burger and a bacon ranch cheeseburger. This restaurant can choose between 4 different patties; portobello, the beyond burger, Cashew-quinoa, and classic burger.

Biff’s Jack Shack

Biff’s Jack Shack

Biff’s Jack Shack’s whole concept is to make a perfect art of crispy fried jackfruit, which replaces the meat and turns it into an Ultimate burger experience. The deliciousness of the jackfruit with the spices added and the roast makes these burgers unique and unforgettable.

Plant power fast food

This is a modern restaurant located in five places in California and the USA entirely made of vegan fast food. It is located in Ocean Beach, Encinitas, San Diego State University, Long Beach, and Redlands. Four options will be given for you to choose between the four different burger flavors with a choice of black bean patty or beefy patty.


Goodness is a vegan eatery established in 2017 in Tel Aviv, which has generated rave views for itself. It has comforting menu items along with its burgers which is the highlight of Tel Aviv. Burgers and all the other items on the menu is very delicious as they use the local ingredients and have the best service in the town.

HipCity veg

HipCity veg

The Hip location is the best place to get delicious vegan burgers, having eight branches, six in Philadelphia and the other 2 in Washington DC. They provide a 100% vegan version of the comfort food in American classics style, which everyone appreciates.

Grass-fed vegan

The grass-fed wagon is one of the most popular Australian eateries famous for achieving the Smoky burger flavor. They also offer Falafel burger, chicken schnitzel burger, and also shredded BBQ burger. It means that the preference is for all but is mainly focusing on vegan burgers.

Meta burger

Meta burger

Meta burger is famous for vegan burgers and can also be called the best vegan restaurant in the world. Taking a look at their 100% plant-based burger is indeed a mouth-watering product and will make you head towards the capital of Colorado in search of it right away. The taste and execution of the burger are absolutely amazing, which is why it is prevalent among vegans but also liked by everyone who eats non-veg.

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