Top Vegan Cake Shops That Provide Quick And Delicious Cakes

Delicious Cakes

Whenever you see a vegan cake on social media or the internet, you feel like having it but stay miles away from the shop. Many of the independent skilled vegan Bakers will have the distance barrier to deliver the cake for you. But some will have their ways to provide edible creations all over the nation.

Erin McKenna’s Bakery

Double, chocolate, and crumbed are the three words that have the power to drain out all your money in your credit card. This Bakery has all these three-word products: delicious, Soya-free, free of refined sugar, and gluten-free. This is for the people who are celiac sufferers as well. The cake that is ordered will be delivered within a week.

Coco Luv

Coco Luv is famous for its Orange Cranberry, Almond Amaretto, and German Chocolate, which are pure vegan ingredients. Irresistible cakes are being served in this Black-owned Bakery, from vegan bundt cakes to cookie cakes and birthday cakes. Modulation in elements like gluten-free options can also be added for everything on their menu. You can look at their menu and get confused with what to have with this wide range of cakes.

Karma Baker

Karma Baker

Karma Baker is located in a tiny little Westlake village that has become famous through Instagram with its soon-to-follow mermaid cake doughnuts and the advent of the unicorns. Celine Ikeler is the owner who has developed a new way to ship all his sweet delicacies successfully after furious demands from customers. It has a wide variety of brownies, cookies, and cakes. There is no beat for their Double Chocolate Fudge cake because of the deep and dark chocolate diehards out there. If you are not a chocoholic, they have a different menu for you where you can try cookies & cream, pink lemonade, and their ever classic carrot cake.

Karma Baker

Yvonne’s Vegan Kitchen

If you want any special occasion cake, Yvonne is the woman that you would like to take help from. The intricate design work is only for the people who live in Los Angeles, and her best-selling cake flavours are famous all over the nation, along with her delicious cookies and chocolate-covered cake doughnuts. You can visit their website and get scrumptious, chocolate Creme de Menthe gluten-free cake in your hand within a week.

Wholesome Bakery

Wholesome Bakery is a San Francisco-based bakery for all vegans filled with a vegan menu that’s allergen-friendly to boot. Soy or gluten will not be seen in their decadent treats. Their signature tea cake is perfect, along with fluffy sweetened Almond cake pairing up properly with herbal teas. This is the kind of place where you start mouth watering just looking at their delicious cakes.

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